The Company

Since 1985, the PYRAL production plant has been based at Avranches in Normandy.


For many years now the company has specialised in perforated magnetic tapes used by the film industry for sound recording.


PYRAL manufactures magnetic transfer foils (hot seal) used for bank cards, fidelity cards, as well as lamination foils (cold glue) aimed at ticketing and travel tickets.


PYRAL also produces magnetic inks and magnetic slurries used in the printing of magnetic stripes which are found in ticketing or access control (ticket for the underground, train, plane, parking and tolls).

Additionaly since 2012 PYRAL has integrated the production of Analog Audio tapes for the sound recording in the music industry and specific instrumentation tapes for military and aerospace application.


Many other products are made for the security industry. PYRAL also supplies more specific products to meet our customers demands.